Our taken Periscope Data: “Powerful, flexible analytics that can serve both your data product and your enterprise analytics needs.”


Often analytics fall into one of two camps: either you’ve got powerful functionality that can serve the needs of the data scientists inside your business, or you can have flexible, user-friendly analytics that are suitable for use by customers as part of a data product. 

The “analyst” oriented tools are extremely powerful, but they require expert knowledge of databases, data modeling, and languages like SQL, R, and Python. The “customer” oriented platforms look great and are easy to use, but often lack the capabilities to perform the sophisticated analysis required by analysts (or many power users).

The use cases just don’t overlap—you’d never use one product for both of those scenarios. Or would you? 

With Periscope Data’s analytic platform the answer is most definitely yes, one system can address both the power required by analytics professionals and the flexibility necessary for great data products.

Periscope is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics platform that does it all and can easily be your analytics “one system to rule them all.”

In the years since coming to market in 2012, Periscope Data has grown into an immensely powerful platform for building data products for embedding in your applications. And others seem to agree—Periscope has some big name customers from Adobe to ZipRecruiter and operates with some truly vast data sets. But it also works well for...

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