Our take on Izenda:A platform purpose-built for embedded analytics that provides the flexibility and power product teams require”


Building a data product can be a real nightmare for a product leader. 

An actual nightmare as in, it can keep you up at night working about all of the things that can go wrong. 

Will it function in an embedded environment? Will it scale to thousands of customer tenants? Will it make life difficult when I need to rollout a new version? Will the vendor “pivot” and stop focusing on data products?

If you are building an application with customer-facing embedded analytics and you value your sleep, you need to make the right choice when you pick a platform.

I’d like to introduce you to Izenda—a platform purpose-built for embedded analytics backed by a team that understands what it means to make analytic-powered applications successful.

What? You’ve never heard of Izenda? You might not be alone in that respect, but you’re also probably not one of the thousands of customers that are currently using the Izenda platform to power a data product. In business—and focused 100% on embedded analytics—since 2007, Izenda powers some of the big names in the healthcare, financial services, and education markets.

These companies chose Izenda for good reasons: embedded analytics is their business. It’s their only business. They dedicate all of their development efforts to making a great platform for data products.

As a result, you get just what you need as a product leader to get some sleep at night: a flexible, open architecture, easy self-service creation of analytics, complete control of the look and feel, and lots of embedding options. And they’ve thought through the ecosystem of functionality required to run your data product post-launch in detail.

Who’s It For?

As I’ve discussed before, data product efforts often fall into one of three categories: 

  1. You want a “toolkit” to build customized analytics and to (theoretically) save costs. You're willing to maintain the platform entirely in-house.
  2. You want some flexibility but will accept (generally) lower customization capabilities to have benefits of a “fully-baked” platform (rather than a toolkit of parts)
  3. You have insufficient development or technical resources and want a fully-managed analytic system. In this scenario, you need a vendor that will do it all for you.

Izenda falls squarely into…


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