Our take on GoodData: “A fully managed platform that delivers automated insights in addition to analytics”


Data products are different from enterprise analytics, and as a result, product owners need to seek out slightly different functionality when selecting a platform on which to base their data-driven functionality.

Beyond the data loading and visual analytic requirements, product teams need:

  1. Robust embedding capabilities
  2. Tools to manage customers through the product lifecycle
  3. Flexibility both to get up and running (and producing revenue) quickly and to adjust to the changing needs of customers.

It’s not easy to find platforms that support this set of needs, but GoodData is one of the rare breeds that gets it right.

Back when I built my first data product, I reviewed eighteen different platforms before selecting a vendor. I evaluated everything from cost to look & feel to scalability. The vendor I selected was GoodData and I’d be hard pressed not to pick it again today.

GoodData is a fully cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that gives you fully-managed analytical capabilities for your data product. It’s incredibly easy to use, whether building metrics, analytics, and dashboards or if you’re an end-user trying to analyze your data.

But GoodData is more than just simple visual analytics—it also offers analytical insights. This is something you won’t find on other platforms in the data product space.

Who’s It For?

Data product teams tend to fall into one of three categories: 

  1. Teams that want a “toolkit” to build their own customized analytics and to save costs and are willing to maintain the platform entirely in-house
  2. Teams that want some flexibility but will accept (generally) lower customization capabilities to have benefits of a managed platform (rather than a toolkit)
  3. Teams that have limited development or technical resources and would prefer a fully-managed analytic system.

GoodData is an excellent choice for... 

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