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Our take on Looker: “Modern analytic technology for data product teams”


When you look at the analytic landscape, it becomes apparent that most platforms are either directly focused on enterprise analytics or are derived from platforms intended for use inside a businesses walls. 

It’s rare to find a platform that works both for internal analytics and for data product teams. Looker is that rare platform that, while initially focused on internal use cases is an excellent choice for those seeking to build data products with embedded analytics.  

Looker’s cloud-based approach offering fast, flexible, and powerful analytics allow data product teams to focus on creating value for their customers rather than on the care and feeding of analytical systems.

Who’s It For?

Product teams tend to fall into one of several categories: 

  1. Teams that want a toolkit to build their own customized analytics and to save cost and are willing to maintain the platform entirely in-house,

  2. Teams that want flexibility but will accept limited customization capabilities in order to have the platform managed for them, and

  3. Teams that want everything done for them and don’t mind the costs associated with a fully-managed analytic platform. 

Looker is an ideal platform for those in category 2—they want flexibility but still want the benefits of a full-featured analytic platform.

Those looking for a... 

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