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I need help defining my product and building a go-to-market strategy so that we build analytics that attract new customers, engage existing users, and create new revenues for our business.


I need highly-focused product marketing & strategy expertise to ensure that we have the right capabilities for companies building data products and so that we communicate our value to the market.


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For companies building analytics-based products

We help software teams and product owners build great analytics for their customers

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Adding analytics to your product is a great way to add value to your business.  It's also highly visible and a place where you don't want to make mistakes and lose credibility. Our experience and process makes sure you're covered.

Our many analytics implementation projects have resulted in a unique methodology designed to take the capabilities of the business intelligence platform you've selected and turn them into a viable product.  

We know it works — we've taught this process to leading analytics companies!

At each phase, we start with a workshop session where we work together to address key issues, then follow up with consulting where we can address other questions as they come up.  The end result is an engaging product that shows off the functionality of your analytics and data in the best way possible.


For analytics and business intelligence platform vendors

On-demand product STRATEGY and product marketing FOCUSED on embedded analytics and data products.

Embedded analytics are different.
They require a different mindset and strategy for success.  The same great features and functionality that you've developed for "inside the organization" analytics users often miss the mark when selling to the product owner.

Our experience as product owners—actually building data products using analytics platforms—allows us to create strategies that speak to product teams.  

We can help you prioritize the right functionality, set the pricing model, develop the sales playbook, and structure the services that will create a great experience for the embedded analytics buyer.  We can even help with your marketing content to make sure the whole world understands your story.



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Our Experience

Creating an amazing data product is tricky business, but don't worry—we’ve done this before…

  • We literally wrote the book on embedded analytics for multiple vendors including GoodData's “The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics” (2014) and Birst's “Beyond the Technical:  The Complete Guide to Designing, Pricing, and Launching Analytic Products” (2015) 

  • We've evaluated and put more than a dozen business intelligence vendors through their paces.  We've assessed all elements of an implementation including cost of ownership, support, functionality, and user experience so we can help you make the best choice for your situation

  • We've created numerous go-to-market strategies including pricing, tiering, standard functionality, and support processes for our customers because a successful project is about more than just technical details.

  • We've led both "buy" and "build" projects making us uniquely qualified to help you understand the pro's and con's of each alternative. 

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About NextWave Business Intelligence

Based in Denver, Colorado and led by Kevin Smith, NextWave Business Intelligence was founded 2005 and is focused on providing innovative and effective product strategy and analytics consulting services to its clients.

Initially formed as a performance management and business process design consultancy, we've evolved into an analytics product strategy firm that helps clients develop metrics and analytics, select business intelligence platforms, define user personas and needs, create and implement analytics-based products, and develop go-to-market strategies.

Our true love is helping our clients incorporate business intelligence into their software-as-a-service products to give users insights into performance.  Ten plus years on, we've performed numerous "build it yourself" analytics projects and "buy it" analytics projects, written eBooks for all of the big analytics vendors, and helped dozens of clients gain new perspectives on business performance.




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